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You can withdraw your funds via Local Bank Transfer.

Funds may be withdraw from your account using the following methods:
  • After logging in, click [E-Wallet] on the top menu bar at our home page and then click withdraw icon.
  • Key in the amount of withdrawal.
  • Select preferred bank, Example: Maybank
The funds will be wired to your account as per your instruction once the request is verified by our Payment Services team. Verification by our Payment Services team will require 15-30 minutes subjected to the respective Bank's processing turnaround time.
  • Please take note , we are not allow member use third party bank account to withdraw, otherwise will be refund into the game account.
  • All deposit without claim any promotion needed reached x1 times rollover before request any funds withdraw.
  • Per day are allowed to withdraw x2 times or max amount $50,000.